8 Nov

Improbable. That’s the word that best describes this election. No other descriptive term could be more accurate. We are talking about an election in which the Democratic Party will win because of the financial crisis. This becomes evident when looking at the polling trends since the crisis began to dominate news coverage.
What could be more improbable than a political party benefiting from a crisis they created? The Democratic Party created and pushed The Community Reinvestment Act. They shielded their friends in Fannie and Freddie from scrutiny and government reform. How improbable that a man who called for reform, John McCain, is rejected by the electorate, but a man, who lovingly embraced the source of the crisis, Barack Obama, is now going to be the next president.
If a screen writer were to submit a script with this plot, it would likely be rejected. Why? Well, what sane person could believe that people would be so ignorant as to vote for the party, and candidates, that were responsible for the economic pain they are feeling? To believe that a person would have to conclude that they live in a nation of, at worst, masochists or, at best, idiots. I guess this is why they say nothing is impossible, no matter how improbable.

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