The 4th of July: Sarah Palin, Politics, & Liberty

4 Jul


We think of politicians as rabidly ambitious ladder climbers, who sacrifice almost every other aspect of their life for their career. Sarah Palin has never struck me as that type of woman. I’ve always thought of her as a true believer. I think she genuinely believes that to which other conservative politicians only pay lip service. The harsh reality is that running for political office in America is no longer for the idealist who truly wants to reform government. Politics is a nice fit for a sociopath with a god complex, but that’s just not Sarah Palin.

So who gains from what has happened to Governor Palin? I’m not sure, but it certainly isn’t the American people. Sarah Palin, unlike Barack Obama and other politicians, demonstrated a willingness to make real change happen and address corruption. She had the courage to take on corrupt members of her own party and the system they utilized. This is why John McCain chose her as his running mate. Unfortunately for John and Sarah, the American people were blinded by fancy prose and media hype. McCain and Palin will go on to live their lives, but it is the American people who will suffer. We are suffering now.

Barack Obama is a typical politician and has only strengthened what is wrong in this nation. President Obama has concentrated even more authority and influence in a Federal bureaucracy that is divorced from reality and the people. More power is being pulled from state and local governments, where people have the greatest influence, and being placed in the hands of the Federal Government. This may benefit the agendas of our American oligarchy, and those they exploit, but our Republic suffers.

I love this nation. More than anything else, I want to see it prosper and flourish. I want to see personal liberty and economic prosperity restored. The path to prosperity and liberty isn’t going to be found in the halls of Harvard or Congress. The path to prosperity and liberty is in the heart of each and every person who believes in what our founding fathers laid out in the US Constitution. The path to prosperity is found in a citizenry free to succeed or fail by their own efforts. Liberty and prosperity were once aspirations of the American people. We did not seek fame or adulation. Instead, we sought prosperity for ourselves and our children. We wanted liberty for ourselves and our neighbor. Some of us still seek that and it is up to us to make our voices heard.

Seeing Sarah Palin leave political office behind is unfortunate, but we must remember what she represented and continue to take up that fight. It’s up to us to organize, participate, and advocate for real reform to systemic corruption and the concentration of power in the hands of distant politicians who represent themselves instead of us.

This is a clarion call. We must all make our voices heard. The mainstream media, net pundits, beltway insiders and late night stooges can attack one, but they cannot destroy us all. That is their weakness. They are effective at destroying individuals, but the Tea Parties aren’t about individuals. Our cause isn’t one of personalities. Our cause is that of millions of Americans who are no longer going to accept the shackles that we’ve been told are for our own good.

We must stand up and make our voices heard. We must not allow ourselves to be seduced by pandering politicians or half measures. We must demand results. If we do not get results, we must elect new representatives until we finally find some that keep their word. We must refuse the false choices presented to us and reject those in the media who would attempt to tell us what to think. We must remember that we are many and they are few. We are the legacy of the greatest nation this earth has ever seen, so let us do our founders proud and take back our country.


3 Responses to “The 4th of July: Sarah Palin, Politics, & Liberty”

  1. ManBearPig July 4, 2009 at 2:29 PM #

    Wonderful… Really well done… I wish some of the pundits would set their egos aside and give your words a spin…

    This is not like it ever has been before, we aren’t approaching the crossroads, we passed them, and let people blinded in their own loftiness make the choice at the fork…

    Now we need to turn around… We can progress without regressing to do it… because we *are* that good…

  2. stickeenotes July 5, 2009 at 6:39 AM #

    Thank you, Sir. *slips a big bucket of gerbils under the table* You earned those.

    “Now we need to turn around… We can progress without regressing to do it… because we *are* that good…”

    I like that.

  3. Xian Do July 7, 2009 at 5:18 AM #

    You’ve done it again, good Sir.
    Nicely written and a great read!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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