How Politically Convenient

24 Aug

Today Attorney General Eric Holder announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the enhanced interrogation tactics utilized by the CIA during the presidency of George W. Bush. It’s little wonder that Brian Williams of NBC felt the need to describe it as an investigation into the Bush administration, because that’s likely the purpose considering the timing of this announcement.

With President Obama’s approval ratings plummeting, and facing strong opposition to significant pieces of his legislative agenda, it is all too tempting for the Obama team to revert to campaign mode. I believe that, by making George W. Bush the issue, the Obama team is attempting to recapture their overwhelming positive media coverage and excite the Democratic Party’s base. The Obama machine has proven to be as inept at governing as they were adept at campaigning. The only way they can regain their footing is to recapture the zero sum dynamic that worked to their benefit during the campaign. However, I believe this will be another significant miscalculation on the part of President Obama and his advisers.

The Obama team seems to believe that they can recapture their “mojo,” and stop their precipitous slide in the polls, by making life hard for their old whipping boy, Bush. But, as Ron Geraci noted on August 22nd’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, being President is not a zero sum game and you cannot win the support of the American people because the Republicans have a bad week. This reality appears to be lost on the Obama team, which is why they are continuing to operate as if this is a campaign they can win by making Bush the issue.

As much as the American people may dislike former president George W. Bush, they have finally come to realize that he is no longer the president. The blind affection that Obama was once accustomed to is no longer as universal as it was months ago. President Obama’s approval ratings have dropped significantly among Independents and it is unlikely that he will recapture that devotion by opening up old wounds. Perhaps, once this feeble attempt to distract from the monumental failure that is Obamacare falls flat, the Obama team will realize that the campaign is over.


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