Why My Disdain For The Left?

28 Aug

professor sodomy

I feel like explaining why I hold those on the left in such low regard. During my years in college I found that the most arrogant, snotty, and unimpressive individuals were invariably leftists. Their entire sense of self worth was wrapped up in their delusions of a superior intellect. Such individuals have always rubbed me wrong way, just like the jocks of high school that bully the physically weak. Both throw their respective weight around in a pathetic attempt to compensate for their own insecurity. They do so, often without even being aware of their motivation.

Such individuals invariably mock and deride those determined to be “simple” and it often results in ugly exchanges. Against my better judgment, I would occasionally take the opportunity to damage their ego by making them feel inferior. While satisfying, it none the less required me to behave like those for which I hold deep reservoirs of disdain. This was the reality that the arrogant leftist never grasped. They so hated those that they looked down upon that they failed to realize how similar they truly were. The arrogant leftist intellectual and the rural rube are but two sides of the same coin. Like the anti-theist and the bible thumper, both live in the realm of absolutes and intolerance. The leftist intellectual and the rural rube both look down upon that which is different. They both believe themselves to be superior, though for different reasons. They both see the other as the source of the worlds problems. In short, they both hate themselves.

The question is then raised, why do you hold the leftist intellectual in such low esteem, if they are the same as the rural rube? It should be obvious. I often agree with leftist intellectual in regards to the ignorant rube, but my pool of rubes is broader and includes the leftist.


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