What Those Words Actually Mean

4 Sep

van jones

Recent controversy has surrounded President Obama’s Green Jobs adviser, Van Jones. As has been noted on other blogs and by Glenn Beck, Van Jones is a self described communist as well as a truther. Today, Stephen Gutowski posted the video (linked to the image above), which includes an assertion that minorities are criminalized by society and only white kids are involved in school shootings involving multiple victims. But the following part of the video that I’ve transcribed caught my eye.

We have got to look at this idea of criminality, of evil, of wrongdoing, of mistakes, as being a universal condition .. requiring a universally loving response and a universally embracing response.

What is implied in this statement is insidious at its core. He is attempting to trivialize the very real existence of those who perpetrate evil acts. By attempting to make these universal conditions, rather than results of choices, Van Jones is trying to make society the criminal & excusing the individual who is ultimately responsible. Not everyone from impoverished circumstances becomes a criminal. Not every angry white boy shoots up his school. Not every minority makes choices that put them in prison. We as individuals must accept that we are responsible for the choices we make and must accept responsibility that comes with that.

Van Jones is attempting to excuse individuals who make the wrong choices, but this mentality has proven devastating to many communities. Criminality, acts of evil, etc, are not universal conditions. They are the consequences of those who make poor decisions. It’s just one more reason why Van Jones does not belong in any president’s administration.


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