My Follow Friday List

25 Sep


Each Friday I will add five new people to this list. I will explain why I follow them and believe you should as well. I’m posting these based on my existing Follow Friday list & this does not represent a ranking. But let me say that my fellow Anticrats are, without a doubt, at the top in my book. I will post this updated link each Friday instead of posting the full list on Twitter.

P.S. I feel I should note that I’m not the first to post their Follow Friday list on their blog.

Week 4
@Candice_Jo: If you can see beyond her fetishistic relationship with Mexican food, she’s a great girl to follow. Candice is a very funny libertarian leaning girl with a great head on her shoulders. She’s honest and upfront about what she expects from herself and others. The girl truly is cool like the other side of the pillow.

@marshallsheldon: He’s a dude in a bear suit. Need I say more? Marshall has a good sense of humor, as evidenced by his willingness to discuss the secret lives of gerbils. He’s a good guy to follow, but be forewarned that he’s not kidding when he says, “I have 2 hobbies, complaining and talking about how awesome I am!”

@JasonMinnick: He is a bad ass who is currently wintering with the goats and camels in Afghanistan. Jason is a genuine patriot with a great sense of humor. We’re extremely lucky to have him on our side, with or without his beard.

@Falahime: This girl is pretty damn bad-ass. She’s equally capable of providing you with a therapeutic massage or killing and gutting Bambi’s dad. She’s also a RedEye fan and anime junkie. In short, she’s pretty much a fan of all things awesome. Did I mention she has a blind Chihuahua? Well, don’t hold that against her.

@LindaHNH: She’s very good at being a bad girl. As a terrific flirt, she’s never boring. She has a great sense of humor and knows more than one way to put a smile on your face. She’s also a refreshingly devoted mom who has her priorities in the right order.

Week 3 (Yes, I realize I skipped a week)
@A_Smithee: Clearly in possession of the best avatar ever, Allen Smithee has a great sense of humor. I wish I ran into him more often on Twitter, because he is a great sport who will have you rolling in no time. A New Yorker who will not only RT your latest blog post, but have you laughing out loud with his latest SmitheeFilms “production.”

@DnD13: DnD stand for Deaf and Dumb, but I prefer to think of him as a 13 year old dungeons and dragons addict. DnD is a great guy, solid family man and supportive friend. He’s always there to offer a word of encouragement when you finally get off your ass and do something. A wicked sense of humor and hot piece of ass in curlers, makes DnD loads of fun.

@Xian_Do: Xian is an extremely thoughtful man who has written some very moving blog posts. However, his humorous twitter posts show that he’s far from one dimensional. Xian’s bold writing is matched by his equally bold sense of style. As a good sport and a good friend, you can’t go wrong following Xian.

@Circus_Peanuts: A great Red Eye fan site run by a good guy, who genuinely appreciates Red Eye and all that it has to offer. For the latest Red Eye news, I highly recommend following Circus Peanuts. And if you get the Circus Peanuts reference, you should be a member of this site.

@BigFurHat: BFH is the genius behind the Obamas and a prolific producer of some of the funniest stuff on the internet. At IOTW, BFH has delivered biting satire and hilarious graphics that will leave you in stitches (I’m not kidding, I tore a spleen. Thankfully, it wasn’t mine). Not only a brilliant creator of content, BFH has been a strong supporter of fellow bloggers with both assistance and encouragement. I highly recommend following him on Twitter.

Week 2
@SweetRainFemme: She’s one wise and witty woman. Sweet will leave you in stitches and not just when she steals one of your kidneys. This human thesaurus is a wonderful friend who has a big funny bone and an even bigger heart. She’s a credit to the oompah race and you’re fortunate if you can call her a friend.

@snarkandboobs: She’s an increasingly popular blogger, but I can say I knew her before Twitter. This girl is a talented writer whose snark filled compositions will both amuse and enlighten. She’s a great mom, caring friend, and well deserving of the continued success I’m sure she’ll have.

@jd_nyc: JD is a wonderful woman. She busts my balls, like no other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a funny woman whose aim is so true, even the president of the US cannot escape. Yes, she is the woman responsible for the “mom jeans” line that brilliantly nailed Barack Obama’s All-Star game attire. She’s also an incredibly smart woman who knows economics like I’m hooked on phonics.

@pow127: Pow is a great guy and a straight shooter. He won’t bullshit you and you’d be wise to return the favor. He’s an Irish lad, but nobody is perfect. This Mick is an extremely funny individual and, if you watch Red Eye, I promise he’s made you laugh. He’s easily the most successful contributor of intro’s to the Daily Gut, which are then used on Red Eye. If creativity were an oil field, I’d recommend that you drill him.

@elektracutie: This young lady is real spitfire. She will tell you exactly what she thinks and will not hesitate to tackle the controversial topics. She’s also a lighthearted and fun person who will keep you smiling through it all. She’s a good friend whose creativity cannot be denied. She will always put a smile on your face .. even if she has to draw it on there (*shakes fist at photo editing software*).

Week 1
@someGit: What can I say about this patron of the gerbil arts. He’s one of the few people who can pull off a mullet or a beret. He’s passionate about politics, music and much more. This ManBearPig is the founder of the Anticrat website and an all around mensch. He may be goth, a reformed lefty, and an atheist, but don’t let that fool you for a second. He’s also a fierce friend and the very definition of a stand-up guy.

@Kill_Truck: This girl has the makings of a great writer and she’ll speak her mind when everyone else is holding their tongue. Her willingness to defend an unpopular position, in the face of venomous attacks, assures you that you won’t have to wonder how she really feels. She’s a wonderful mom and a great friend. She’ll make you laugh and think.

@JTlol: Jim Treacher is one the funniest political satirists around. An extremely funny conservative minded fellow whose acerbic wit will leave his target stinging and you in stitches.

@teh_Dede: This girl is smart, funny, very sweet and a truly great friend. Like other tea party protesters, she is willing to stand up and make her voice heard. She’s also very talented and produces some wonderful politically themed graphics.

@_DPunch: This guy is currently MIA, but he’s worth the follow. When he gets back, you’ll want to be there for the show. He’s an extremely funny and intelligent guy, who embodies the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that makes this country great.


2 Responses to “My Follow Friday List”

  1. Dede September 25, 2009 at 2:43 PM #

    Aww shucks…you’re so schweet! Thanks for made my day. (which was pretty crappy by the way, but isn’t anymore!)

  2. killtruck September 28, 2009 at 4:09 PM #

    This is a good answer to the clusterfuck that has become follow friday. I’m stealing it.

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