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Taking His Ball and Going Home

17 Dec

So now Howard Dean and Markos, at the Daily Kos, want to kill Obamacare. It seems that, without a public option, they no longer are concerned with helping all those poor folks dying because of a lack of insurance. I never believed they gave a damn about those people, but I’m glad they could confirm it for me. For the far left, it was never about reform and improving access. Instead, it was all about bigger government and more control over people’s lives.

If Howard Dean really cared about people, he’d call for the current bill to be rewritten, rather than scrapped, so that it reflects the free market reforms that have been put forward by many opposed to Obamacare. Those reforms would pass and they wouldn’t benefit the insurance companies, unlike the current bill which mandates coverage. Even if Dean didn’t believe those free market reforms would help, they certainly wouldn’t hurt. Unlike Obamacare, allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, encouraging health savings accounts and allowing employees to take their plans with them when they change jobs, would not negatively impact coverage or add to the deficit.

Unfortunately for the American people, progressives don’t really care about the poor and uninsured. Sadly, they’re only interested in using those people in order to guilt you into supporting a bill that you know is bad policy. It’s not unlike the left and their exploitation of the troops during the Iraq War. They didn’t really care about bringing the troops home, but they did want to use the deaths of troops to attack Bush; that stopped being an issue for them once a Democrat started sending those soldiers to war. Now the left is exploiting the uninsured in attempt to win another political victory. This is a chance to use the left’s words against them to push real free market reforms that might actually help reduce costs. If they don’t pass those free market reforms, but do pass an insurance mandate, it’s clear that their concern for the uninsured is just as disingenuous as their concern for the troops.

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Democrats are Sick

10 Dec

The entire Democratic caucus in DC must be suffering the effects of swine flu, because their ideas for health care reform just keep getting worse. In the latest deal, brokered by Senate Democrats, Medicare would be expanded to uninsured Americans over the age of 55 and insurance companies would be required to spend 90 percent of the money they collect on beneficiaries. While both of these provisions sound great to a bleeding heart, the unintended consequences could prove devastating.

By expanding the eligibility for Medicare to people age 55 and older the Democrats are ballooning the size of this program when it is already running a projected 89 trillion dollar deficit.* I find it ironic that Democrats are attempting to expand a program that they, less than a week ago, said was home to more than 500 billion dollars in waste. A program is dysfunctional and their solution is to make it bigger? Yeah, that’s a great idea. The expansion of an already bloated entitlement program is never advisable, but to do so during a deep, and likely long, recession is insane.

But hold on, because the craziness doesn’t end there. The provision in the latest manifestation of DemCare, which would require companies to pay out 90 percent of their revenue to beneficiaries, is going to stick it to already struggling Americans. Let’s say, as a hypothetical, that an insurance company is taking in 80 million dollars. If we assume this company is paying out 70 million to beneficiaries, that would leave ten million left for operating costs and profit. Under the new deal being worked out in the senate, this company would have to raise their total revenue to 100 million in order to maintain the ten million dollars for profit and operating costs. This 90 percent provision all but guarantees that the cost of insurance will rise, rather than fall. Either insurance companies will see less profit or they’ll be forced to increase their revenue by raising premiums. Which do you think is more likely to occur?

*While this is a peak estimate, almost all projections place Medicare’s future deficit well into the tens of trillions.

What Those Words Actually Mean

4 Sep

van jones

Recent controversy has surrounded President Obama’s Green Jobs adviser, Van Jones. As has been noted on other blogs and by Glenn Beck, Van Jones is a self described communist as well as a truther. Today, Stephen Gutowski posted the video (linked to the image above), which includes an assertion that minorities are criminalized by society and only white kids are involved in school shootings involving multiple victims. But the following part of the video that I’ve transcribed caught my eye.

We have got to look at this idea of criminality, of evil, of wrongdoing, of mistakes, as being a universal condition .. requiring a universally loving response and a universally embracing response.

What is implied in this statement is insidious at its core. He is attempting to trivialize the very real existence of those who perpetrate evil acts. By attempting to make these universal conditions, rather than results of choices, Van Jones is trying to make society the criminal & excusing the individual who is ultimately responsible. Not everyone from impoverished circumstances becomes a criminal. Not every angry white boy shoots up his school. Not every minority makes choices that put them in prison. We as individuals must accept that we are responsible for the choices we make and must accept responsibility that comes with that.

Van Jones is attempting to excuse individuals who make the wrong choices, but this mentality has proven devastating to many communities. Criminality, acts of evil, etc, are not universal conditions. They are the consequences of those who make poor decisions. It’s just one more reason why Van Jones does not belong in any president’s administration.

Teddy’s Death Panel Van

26 Aug

death panel van3

You have to love loathe the Democrats for not even waiting until Ted’s body was cold before they tried to make him a martyr for the cause of Obamacare.

UPDATE: The tumor that killed Ted Kennedy deserves a medal. This is the man Democrats honor ..

I was deeply moved to hear Newsweek’s Ed Klein tell guest host Katty Kay about Kennedy’s love of humor. How the late senator loved to hear and tell Chappaquiddick jokes, and was always eager to know if anyone had heard any new ones.

Stop Taking The Bait

26 May

stop taking the bait

Don’t take the bait. Why is this so hard for people like Tom Ridge, Michael Steele, and Colin Powell to understand? Members of the media want to put forward the idea, at the behest of Democratic operatives, that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party. They do this in order to pressure Republicans into criticizing and distancing themselves from Rush. The left knows this will lead to internal conflict, within the Republican Party, and that is their chief design. Sadly, many would-be Republican leaders have taken the bait. They’ve responded to questions about Limbaugh by attacking what he says and how he delivers his opinions. This in turn provokes Rush and he responds with his own attacks. The resulting back and forth divides the Republican Party upon ideological lines. So who benefits from this manufactured discord?

Rush, and cable news stations, benefit with an increase in ratings. The print media also likely benefits, though nothing can stop their steady decline. The would-be leaders, who criticize Rush, benefit with glowing media portrayals of their leadership. Most of all the Democratic Party benefits by having the opposition, and the media, distracted while they push through their agenda. So who loses in this fight started by Democrats?

Those who support free markets and balanced budgets lose. Voters who are opposed to pork barrel politics and massive tax increases, that will result from Cap & Trade legislation, are the victims of this manufactured conflict. Those who are tired of people in Washington D.C. dictating every aspect of their lives lose. And millions of unemployed Americans certainly aren’t benefiting. So what is the answer?

Stop taking the bait. When individuals in the media attempt to create division, deny them the chance. If you are asked about Rush Limbaugh, respond by discussing policies that you would champion if you were elected. If they persist, ask them why, when this nation is facing record deficits and conducting two wars, are they asking you about Rush Limbaugh. Ask them why they aren’t talking about issues that impact the American people. Ask them why they aren’t talking about the failure of Barack Obama’s stimulus bill and the unprecedented expansion of the Federal Government’s power. Ask them why they aren’t talking about serious issues during such serious times. Ask them if they got into the field of journalism so that they could be no better than “reporters” at gossip magazines.

The Republican Party has to decide its future, but sniping at one another through dying newspapers is not the place for that debate. Stop taking the bait and attacking members of your own party. Stop using the Republican Party as an excuse to attack people you have a grudge against. Stop hurting the people that make up the Republican Party and start listening to them. There are issues that unite Republicans and Independents. There are issues that unite Republicans and Libertarians. Start listening to the American people at the grassroots. They will tell you exactly how to regain their trust and support. All a would-be leader has to do is shut up and listen.

Reality Paging Arlen Specter, Reality Paging Arlen Specter

28 Apr


Arlen Specter switched parties today, and I’m far from shocked. Given that he has little chance of winning the Republican Primary it is little wonder that he officially crossed the aisle. However the reality is that Arlen had crossed that aisle long ago. Senator Specter chose to blame the right wing of his former party for his troubles. This further played into the narrative that the Republican Party somehow needs to water down and move closer to the Democratic Party. I couldn’t disagree more.

Arlen Specter isn’t unelectable within the Republican Party because they’ve shifted to the right. He’s unelectable because he’s a Democrat. He is socially progressive and fiscally progressive. He, along with two other Republican Senators crossed the aisle and voted to support Obama’s massive stimulus package that ballooned the size of the Federal Government and the debt. The Republican Party cannot win elections that way. We have to offer a real alternative to the Democratic Party. This means a focus on fiscal conservatism.

The Republicans did not challenge Arlen Specter because we’ve shifted further to the right. He was challenged because he has nothing in common with the Republican Party and everything in common with the Democrats. Senator Lindsey Graham took it upon himself to site the supposed shift to the right as the reason the Republican Party needs to turn course and become a bigger tent. He cited Tom Ridge as a great candidate for Pennsylvania and he’s right … on one count. The Party does need to make fiscal issues the primary focus, be less dogmatic concerning some social issues, and support candidates like Tom Ridge. However Arlen Specter does not belong in the party, because he isn’t like Tom Ridge.

Senator Specter is not a fiscal conservative. He supported big government at every turn and he is no longer somebody that I want in this party. Those who actively try to increase the size and scope of government have nothing in common with the Republican Party and, in my opinion, do not belong. If I’m left with the choice of the Republican Party of big spending and the Democratic Party of bigger spending, I’m no longer going to feel like I have a real choice. Perhaps that’s part of the appeal of Ron Paul on domestic issues. Unlike many Republicans he practices what they only preach.

The Republican Party has two choices. They can attempt to become like the Democratic Party and, when things turn south for the Democrats, leave the American people with no real alternative. Or, the Republican Party can make a return to Federalism and fiscal conservatism the centerpiece of their party. The later results in electoral success, while the former leads to the eventual death of the Republican Party.

Some want to focus on the media critiques of the Republican’s and attempt to appease them by further betraying our principles. Those individuals would be wise to remember that the main stream media has been no friend to the Republican Party. Like John McCain, they will only find heartache if they follow that path the media lays for them. We are the party of Reagan and Goldwater. We can win elections if we start acting like it. If we continue to be the party of Nixon and Bush (during his last two years in office), we will remain a minority party indefinitely.

No Longer Separate, But Far From Equals: The Cruelty of the Democratic Party

16 Apr

In the eyes of the Democratic Party, those people who are labeled as “African Americans” are “special.” They treat an entire race of people as if they are mentally deficient children that are incapable of living as equals among everyone else. Like overprotective parents they have determined that you are perpetually unprepared to be treated like individuals. You just aren’t ready to be judged on your own creativity, intelligence, determination and efforts. This treatment, by the Democratic Party, is the height of cruelty.

The Democratic Party, through their treatment of the “group” they refer to as “African Americans,” has taken on the role of a repentant abuser. Generations ago there was slavery and they have convinced themselves that they “broke” you and it’s their responsibility to take care of you. They deny you the capacity to think and act as an individual. They have tried to tie an anchor around your collective necks in an attempt to keep you in perpetual subservience. You are their children and they love you too much to free you.

Special rules must be established just for you. You have to be given special consideration, because you’re not good enough to compete on your own. You are pitied and therefore expectations are lowered for you. They pity you, but they won’t tell you the sad truth. You can’t respect somebody that you pity.

Like “special” children you are treated with kid gloves. You’ve been robbed of your pride, with degrading policies that make sure your achievements are made hollow because of “special treatment.” You work hard to achieve great things, but you have to deal with whispers like “affirmative action” and “quotas.” They rob you of a chance for victory, because they think you can’t win without their help. They take pride in your achievements. Your hard work gives them the same satisfaction as donating to charity. You’re no longer their slaves, but they are exploiting your labor.

To deny your individualism is cruel. To judge you based on just a small part of who you are is cruel. To treat you like a mentally deficient child is cruel. To rob so many people of their personal pride and sense of self determination … it’s the height of cruelty. The Democratic Party pities you. They can’t respect people that they pity.