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Are Americans on the Left Conservaphobes?

11 Oct

Since September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists have committed thousands of attacks. To the disappointment of many, moderate voices within Islam have been hesitant to confront those who murder in the name of their faith. However, this hesitancy has not caused those on the left to question whether Islam could be the inspiration for such attacks. To the contrary, those on the left have actively participated in a campaign to differentiate Islam, and her peaceful followers, from Islamic terrorists. The term Islamic terrorists is not even used in leftist circles. In point of fact, if you use such language, you run the risk of being labeled an Islamaphobe.

In stark contrast to the tepid responses from Muslims, to those who murder in the name of their faith, conservatives have been quick to condemn those who would commit violence and claim a common cause. Glenn Beck, a frequent target of accusations of incitement to violence within the big tent of conservatism, has condemned the use of violence on numerous occasions, quoted Ghandi and stated that peaceful change is his goal. Yet, in spite of that, and numerous other statements from prominent conservatives in condemnation of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda, the left is eager to link those who inspire conservative activism with even the most tangentially related acts of violence.

In the case of Islam we have “moderates” who make excuses for and attempt to justify acts of terrorism. In the case of conservatism we have broad condemnation, without equivocation, of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda. Conservatives actively condemn those who would use violence because they know it tarnishes them and is morally indefensible. My question is, what do conservatives have to do for the left to give them the same benefit that they give Muslims? Must they make excuses for those who commit violence and claim common cause with conservatives? Must they funnel money to front organizations that in turn send funds to organizations whose singular mission is the murder of innocent civilians?

If willingness to recognize the links between Islamic terrorists and moderate Muslims, who attempt to justify terrorism, makes one an Islamaphobe, what does it make those on the left who try to link conservatives who condemn violence to those who commit violence while claiming a common cause?


Book Recommendation: The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

18 May

I spent the weekend doped up on Cipro (sadly, no hallucinations). I took the opportunity to read Greg Gutfeld’s latest book, “The Bible of Unspeakable Truths.” Allow me to preface this recommendation by saying I’m a big fan of his television show, Red Eye, and his previous book, “Lessons From The Land of Pork Scratchings.” Fortunately for my health, this latest work by Greg did not suck or inhibit my recovery whatsoever (This was disappointing, as I had hoped to sue Greg for some of that sweet pain and suffering money). As usual, I found myself agreeing with Greg’s observations more often than not, but his unique way of approaching topics made this an excellent read. It was such a pleasure that I finished it within the first day (It should be noted that this is no small miracle as reading, almost always, makes me fall into a coma). It’s a challenge to make politics entertaining (without relying on cliched soft targets as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do), but Greg Gutfeld makes it look easy. With truths like “Obama Is a Hot Chick” and “Child Slavery Is Underrated” you know you’re in for quite a ride. Some of the topics in the book may be familiar to Red Eye and Daily Gut fans, but Greg’s commentary is as fresh and entertaining as ever… like a tall glass of cold unicorn semen on a hot day. So go order Greg Gutfeld’s The Bible of Unspeakable Truths. And, if you haven’t already, pick up his previous work “Lessons From The Land of Pork Scratchings.”

If you are not completely satisfied, I’ll kill Greg.*

*-Murder is a federal crime. Any claim to being less than satisfied will result in the murder of Greg Gutfeld and you will be held legally liable.

Random Notes

30 Sep

you suck2

Gore Vidal is an extremely well educated man. Though Mr. Vidal may be well educated, I question his intelligence. Unfortunately, he fails to realize that the two terms are not synonymous. That explains why he called Barack Obama “the most intelligent person we’ve had in that position for a long time.”

– If true, this is one of the few times I can say I agree with a French President. I feel dirty and I’m not sure there is enough soap in the world to remedy the situation.

– When the GDP contracting by less than expected is a reason to celebrate, you know you’re still nut deep in a recession.

– Why am I watching old, female entertainers discuss politics? At least when young and attractive female entertainers make idiotic statements I can salvage the ordeal by hitting the mute button. I wont bother pointing out the numerous instances when Beck called for peaceful protests, while invoking Gandhi, because comments from those old hags don’t deserve to be treated seriously.

Meet The Relics

6 Sep

Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit

So how do the geniuses at Meet the Press respond to the resignation of Van Jones? They decide to piss all over the internet. I think bloggers, and the internet at large, anger some in the MSM, because they can no longer dictate the narrative. The internet has robbed the MSM of its position as the gatekeeper of what is and isn’t newsworthy. It is because of online resources that consumers are determining what is newsworthy, rather than an incestuous cabal living in a fishbowl. One of the more vocal critiques of the internet was Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.

Friedman, the bastard child of Christopher Hewett and a large rodent, proved just how out of touch some are in the MSM. He first used the Van Jones case to argue that you can’t be a public figure if you ever say anything controversial. I think Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is proof that Friedman’s argument is deeply flawed. You can say stupid and controversial things, while still remaining viable as a public figure. However, if you repeatedly engage in the abject lunacy of somebody like Van Jones, Bill Ayers, or Reverend Wright, you should rightly be considered unqualified to hold a position of influence.

Friedman later commented that every modem should include a warning label that says, “judgment not included.” It’s a cute little jab at those who get the news from the net, but we would be better served if that label was placed on President Obama’s forehead, as well as members of the MSM who carry water for him. And by a happy coincidence…

judgment not included

There are legitimate critiques of news on the net, but the case of Van Jones is an example where the net got it right.

Why The Harsh Words For Conservative Palin Critics?

5 Jul

Well, let me try and explain this so even a detached and cynical pundit can understand. The Republican Party, and conservatism in general, is in a horrible place at the moment. We desperately want somebody that can counter the cult like following of Obama and be a voice for the right. Sarah Palin was plucked from obscurity and made an overnight sensation within the Republican Party. We like her background. She’s not a career politician or beltway insider. Sarah Palin was more human than your typical politician. She was approachable, yet delivered the most successful criticism of Barack Obama during the Campaign. In short, we like Sarah Palin.

What we like about Sarah Palin is that she has a record of taking on corruption within her own party. We like that genuinely seems to believe in the ideals to which other politicians only pay lip service. She may speak in platitudes, but that’s because she likely believes they are more than catchy lines. We have the suspicion that she believes in the underlying principles of those seemingly shallow statements. We aren’t all policy wonks. Some of us are regular hard working people who are a lot like Sarah Palin. And what we’ve seen from the mainstream media, and others, pisses us off.

We’ve watched as somebody who could very well be one of us was ripped apart. We witnessed vicious and irrational hatred spewed toward a woman who never seemed to demonstrate any real malice or ill intent. She’s not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s far more familiar than an ivy league snob or a career politician. We were disgusted at the treatment she received from the network media, pundits and Beltway insiders. We witnessed relentless attacks. Sadly, some people who are within our own party joined in on those attacks. Elites of all stripes joined together to mock and deride the “undereducated” and “incoherent” Sarah Palin. They looked down on her with disdain, because they felt they were better than her. They believed they were superior and they did not want to see such a person succeed. Sarah Palin’s life and candidacy was an affront to all those pseudo intellectuals who want nothing more than to be the smartest person in the room. We’ve seen this and we’ve been disgusted.

When Sarah Palin announced her intent to resign, we witnessed many on the right lay into her. Some of these people had previously refrained from openly criticizing her, but it was clear that they always had reservations about her. Some pundits and bloggers felt they could now speak to what, I suspect, they were thinking all along. I believe most of these people consider themselves to be great minds and bought into the narrative that Sarah Palin was a disaster. When we witness people who are on “our side” eagerly engage in the same attacks that we witnessed from the mainstream media and left for months, we react with anger. Participation in such attacks may make you look better in certain circles, but we aren’t impressed. It’s the kind of thing we’ve seen for far too many months and we’re not inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Liking Sarah Palin doesn’t make us cultists. Not enjoying and cheering at people on “our side” attacking her doesn’t make us Palinistas. We simply are burnt out on the relentless, cruel criticism of a woman we can relate to on a certain level. The conservative movement is in a dark place and many of us are disappointed in Sarah Palin’s decision. However, seeing individuals whose opinion we value rub salt into fresh wounds is more than we can stomach and, frankly, you should have known better. Some of the very few people who read this won’t share my perspective. Some will see it as “shooting the messenger.” Sadly, they’re wrong. We’re not shooting the messenger. We’re shooting the people who feel the need to behave like the jackals who’ve worked for months to destroy a woman we genuinely like.

The 4th of July: Sarah Palin, Politics, & Liberty

4 Jul


We think of politicians as rabidly ambitious ladder climbers, who sacrifice almost every other aspect of their life for their career. Sarah Palin has never struck me as that type of woman. I’ve always thought of her as a true believer. I think she genuinely believes that to which other conservative politicians only pay lip service. The harsh reality is that running for political office in America is no longer for the idealist who truly wants to reform government. Politics is a nice fit for a sociopath with a god complex, but that’s just not Sarah Palin.

So who gains from what has happened to Governor Palin? I’m not sure, but it certainly isn’t the American people. Sarah Palin, unlike Barack Obama and other politicians, demonstrated a willingness to make real change happen and address corruption. She had the courage to take on corrupt members of her own party and the system they utilized. This is why John McCain chose her as his running mate. Unfortunately for John and Sarah, the American people were blinded by fancy prose and media hype. McCain and Palin will go on to live their lives, but it is the American people who will suffer. We are suffering now.

Barack Obama is a typical politician and has only strengthened what is wrong in this nation. President Obama has concentrated even more authority and influence in a Federal bureaucracy that is divorced from reality and the people. More power is being pulled from state and local governments, where people have the greatest influence, and being placed in the hands of the Federal Government. This may benefit the agendas of our American oligarchy, and those they exploit, but our Republic suffers.

I love this nation. More than anything else, I want to see it prosper and flourish. I want to see personal liberty and economic prosperity restored. The path to prosperity and liberty isn’t going to be found in the halls of Harvard or Congress. The path to prosperity and liberty is in the heart of each and every person who believes in what our founding fathers laid out in the US Constitution. The path to prosperity is found in a citizenry free to succeed or fail by their own efforts. Liberty and prosperity were once aspirations of the American people. We did not seek fame or adulation. Instead, we sought prosperity for ourselves and our children. We wanted liberty for ourselves and our neighbor. Some of us still seek that and it is up to us to make our voices heard.

Seeing Sarah Palin leave political office behind is unfortunate, but we must remember what she represented and continue to take up that fight. It’s up to us to organize, participate, and advocate for real reform to systemic corruption and the concentration of power in the hands of distant politicians who represent themselves instead of us.

This is a clarion call. We must all make our voices heard. The mainstream media, net pundits, beltway insiders and late night stooges can attack one, but they cannot destroy us all. That is their weakness. They are effective at destroying individuals, but the Tea Parties aren’t about individuals. Our cause isn’t one of personalities. Our cause is that of millions of Americans who are no longer going to accept the shackles that we’ve been told are for our own good.

We must stand up and make our voices heard. We must not allow ourselves to be seduced by pandering politicians or half measures. We must demand results. If we do not get results, we must elect new representatives until we finally find some that keep their word. We must refuse the false choices presented to us and reject those in the media who would attempt to tell us what to think. We must remember that we are many and they are few. We are the legacy of the greatest nation this earth has ever seen, so let us do our founders proud and take back our country.

Tweople With A Dream

30 Jun

major SP2

It wasn’t a dream for world peace or something equally trite. The dream was far more noble. With the help of SPS and the exact form of the dream came into focus. There were obstacles, but, with the help of  one of his fellow White House correspondents, word of the dream reached the ears of THE ONE. Today we saw a dream become a reality. It’s another banner day for twitter and the power it has to change the world.