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Are Americans on the Left Conservaphobes?

11 Oct

Since September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists have committed thousands of attacks. To the disappointment of many, moderate voices within Islam have been hesitant to confront those who murder in the name of their faith. However, this hesitancy has not caused those on the left to question whether Islam could be the inspiration for such attacks. To the contrary, those on the left have actively participated in a campaign to differentiate Islam, and her peaceful followers, from Islamic terrorists. The term Islamic terrorists is not even used in leftist circles. In point of fact, if you use such language, you run the risk of being labeled an Islamaphobe.

In stark contrast to the tepid responses from Muslims, to those who murder in the name of their faith, conservatives have been quick to condemn those who would commit violence and claim a common cause. Glenn Beck, a frequent target of accusations of incitement to violence within the big tent of conservatism, has condemned the use of violence on numerous occasions, quoted Ghandi and stated that peaceful change is his goal. Yet, in spite of that, and numerous other statements from prominent conservatives in condemnation of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda, the left is eager to link those who inspire conservative activism with even the most tangentially related acts of violence.

In the case of Islam we have “moderates” who make excuses for and attempt to justify acts of terrorism. In the case of conservatism we have broad condemnation, without equivocation, of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda. Conservatives actively condemn those who would use violence because they know it tarnishes them and is morally indefensible. My question is, what do conservatives have to do for the left to give them the same benefit that they give Muslims? Must they make excuses for those who commit violence and claim common cause with conservatives? Must they funnel money to front organizations that in turn send funds to organizations whose singular mission is the murder of innocent civilians?

If willingness to recognize the links between Islamic terrorists and moderate Muslims, who attempt to justify terrorism, makes one an Islamaphobe, what does it make those on the left who try to link conservatives who condemn violence to those who commit violence while claiming a common cause?


The Problem With The Left

9 Dec

After observing an especially ugly exchange on Twitter between a friend and a leftist troll, I began to wonder why the left is so damn angry. I’m not a doctor, but I believe I can diagnose their condition as, a complete lack of creativity due to reduced cognitive function. For the left, big government is the solution to every problem. People are poor? More big government. Some people don’t have health insurance? More big government. A company is failing? More big government. A financial crisis that is rooted in failed government policy? MORE BIG GOVERNMENT!!!

The next time you run across an angry, bitter leftist troll having a meltdown, remember that they are not evil. They’re just really, really dumb. That, or it could be that they’re witnessing their world crumble all around them with the declining popularity of their messiah and the strength of the TeaParty movement. Either way, it’s pretty damn hilarious to watch the left lose their tiny minds.

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