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Are Americans on the Left Conservaphobes?

11 Oct

Since September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists have committed thousands of attacks. To the disappointment of many, moderate voices within Islam have been hesitant to confront those who murder in the name of their faith. However, this hesitancy has not caused those on the left to question whether Islam could be the inspiration for such attacks. To the contrary, those on the left have actively participated in a campaign to differentiate Islam, and her peaceful followers, from Islamic terrorists. The term Islamic terrorists is not even used in leftist circles. In point of fact, if you use such language, you run the risk of being labeled an Islamaphobe.

In stark contrast to the tepid responses from Muslims, to those who murder in the name of their faith, conservatives have been quick to condemn those who would commit violence and claim a common cause. Glenn Beck, a frequent target of accusations of incitement to violence within the big tent of conservatism, has condemned the use of violence on numerous occasions, quoted Ghandi and stated that peaceful change is his goal. Yet, in spite of that, and numerous other statements from prominent conservatives in condemnation of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda, the left is eager to link those who inspire conservative activism with even the most tangentially related acts of violence.

In the case of Islam we have “moderates” who make excuses for and attempt to justify acts of terrorism. In the case of conservatism we have broad condemnation, without equivocation, of those who would use violence to further a peaceful agenda. Conservatives actively condemn those who would use violence because they know it tarnishes them and is morally indefensible. My question is, what do conservatives have to do for the left to give them the same benefit that they give Muslims? Must they make excuses for those who commit violence and claim common cause with conservatives? Must they funnel money to front organizations that in turn send funds to organizations whose singular mission is the murder of innocent civilians?

If willingness to recognize the links between Islamic terrorists and moderate Muslims, who attempt to justify terrorism, makes one an Islamaphobe, what does it make those on the left who try to link conservatives who condemn violence to those who commit violence while claiming a common cause?


What is Meghan McCain’s Agenda?

21 Apr


Her only talent seems to be her ability to attack her own party. Yes it gets her attention, something every child seems to be starved for these days, but it doesn’t help the Republican Party. If MegMac had her way the Republican Party would be left fractured and impotent for decades(It’s little wonder why the left loves her). Attacking members of our party does nothing to add to constructive dialogue or debate concerning issues. It’s just a way for MegMac to raise her own profile and get invited to Hollywood parties(which I suspect is her underlying motivation). She’s shown no understanding of who actually makes up the Republican Party. Her desire to gain praise, by attacking conservatives, is appalling. She criticizes Karl Rove’s Twitter activity and claims they lack substance. Here are two Tweets. Guess which one is from MegMac and which one is from Karl Rove. Both Tweets represent the most non trivial Tweets on each individuals respective page. You be the judge.

“Tea parties show how hard it will be 4 BHO 2 hide Dem tax & spend tendencies from voters. http://twurl.nl/jfj50r #TCOT #SGP #HHRS #TEAPARTY”

“off to a meeting”

I could have posted “I am so obsessed with this song “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3, the guys are cute and the song is catchy – if a little un-pc… I keep singing it” but I’m a nice guy.

Her petty and childish behavior is reprehensible and only hampers attempts by the Republican Party to find our footing. Why would she do such a thing? Perhaps it’s because she has an axe to grind.

Could all this pseudo political posturing just be her way of lashing out at those who have been critical of her father’s love of attacking his own party, while excusing the opposition? MegMac and her father share a willingness to harm the Republican Party if it gets them coverage in the press. Perhaps the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Neo-Valley girls, whose depth can be measured in millimeters, should not be encouraged. The people who continue to feed the attention seeking urchin are, for the most part, those on the left and gay marriage zealots. Her father’s fame has resulted in her gaining attention, but she has done nothing of significance in her life and she is far from an expert on public policy. She’s the Paris Hilton of politics(Sorry AllahPundit). A spoiled attention loving child that is famous in spite of herself. Yes MegMac you’re a child. It’s not about your age, it’s about your attitude. I’m 27 years old, I’ve been a member of the Republican Party for nine years, and Meghan McCain does not speak for me.

No Longer Separate, But Far From Equals: The Cruelty of the Democratic Party

16 Apr

In the eyes of the Democratic Party, those people who are labeled as “African Americans” are “special.” They treat an entire race of people as if they are mentally deficient children that are incapable of living as equals among everyone else. Like overprotective parents they have determined that you are perpetually unprepared to be treated like individuals. You just aren’t ready to be judged on your own creativity, intelligence, determination and efforts. This treatment, by the Democratic Party, is the height of cruelty.

The Democratic Party, through their treatment of the “group” they refer to as “African Americans,” has taken on the role of a repentant abuser. Generations ago there was slavery and they have convinced themselves that they “broke” you and it’s their responsibility to take care of you. They deny you the capacity to think and act as an individual. They have tried to tie an anchor around your collective necks in an attempt to keep you in perpetual subservience. You are their children and they love you too much to free you.

Special rules must be established just for you. You have to be given special consideration, because you’re not good enough to compete on your own. You are pitied and therefore expectations are lowered for you. They pity you, but they won’t tell you the sad truth. You can’t respect somebody that you pity.

Like “special” children you are treated with kid gloves. You’ve been robbed of your pride, with degrading policies that make sure your achievements are made hollow because of “special treatment.” You work hard to achieve great things, but you have to deal with whispers like “affirmative action” and “quotas.” They rob you of a chance for victory, because they think you can’t win without their help. They take pride in your achievements. Your hard work gives them the same satisfaction as donating to charity. You’re no longer their slaves, but they are exploiting your labor.

To deny your individualism is cruel. To judge you based on just a small part of who you are is cruel. To treat you like a mentally deficient child is cruel. To rob so many people of their personal pride and sense of self determination … it’s the height of cruelty. The Democratic Party pities you. They can’t respect people that they pity.