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Book Recommendation: The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

18 May

I spent the weekend doped up on Cipro (sadly, no hallucinations). I took the opportunity to read Greg Gutfeld’s latest book, “The Bible of Unspeakable Truths.” Allow me to preface this recommendation by saying I’m a big fan of his television show, Red Eye, and his previous book, “Lessons From The Land of Pork Scratchings.” Fortunately for my health, this latest work by Greg did not suck or inhibit my recovery whatsoever (This was disappointing, as I had hoped to sue Greg for some of that sweet pain and suffering money). As usual, I found myself agreeing with Greg’s observations more often than not, but his unique way of approaching topics made this an excellent read. It was such a pleasure that I finished it within the first day (It should be noted that this is no small miracle as reading, almost always, makes me fall into a coma). It’s a challenge to make politics entertaining (without relying on cliched soft targets as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do), but Greg Gutfeld makes it look easy. With truths like “Obama Is a Hot Chick” and “Child Slavery Is Underrated” you know you’re in for quite a ride. Some of the topics in the book may be familiar to Red Eye and Daily Gut fans, but Greg’s commentary is as fresh and entertaining as ever… like a tall glass of cold unicorn semen on a hot day. So go order Greg Gutfeld’s The Bible of Unspeakable Truths. And, if you haven’t already, pick up his previous work “Lessons From The Land of Pork Scratchings.”

If you are not completely satisfied, I’ll kill Greg.*

*-Murder is a federal crime. Any claim to being less than satisfied will result in the murder of Greg Gutfeld and you will be held legally liable.


Random Notes

30 Sep

you suck2

Gore Vidal is an extremely well educated man. Though Mr. Vidal may be well educated, I question his intelligence. Unfortunately, he fails to realize that the two terms are not synonymous. That explains why he called Barack Obama “the most intelligent person we’ve had in that position for a long time.”

– If true, this is one of the few times I can say I agree with a French President. I feel dirty and I’m not sure there is enough soap in the world to remedy the situation.

– When the GDP contracting by less than expected is a reason to celebrate, you know you’re still nut deep in a recession.

– Why am I watching old, female entertainers discuss politics? At least when young and attractive female entertainers make idiotic statements I can salvage the ordeal by hitting the mute button. I wont bother pointing out the numerous instances when Beck called for peaceful protests, while invoking Gandhi, because comments from those old hags don’t deserve to be treated seriously.

Meet The Relics

6 Sep

Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit

So how do the geniuses at Meet the Press respond to the resignation of Van Jones? They decide to piss all over the internet. I think bloggers, and the internet at large, anger some in the MSM, because they can no longer dictate the narrative. The internet has robbed the MSM of its position as the gatekeeper of what is and isn’t newsworthy. It is because of online resources that consumers are determining what is newsworthy, rather than an incestuous cabal living in a fishbowl. One of the more vocal critiques of the internet was Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.

Friedman, the bastard child of Christopher Hewett and a large rodent, proved just how out of touch some are in the MSM. He first used the Van Jones case to argue that you can’t be a public figure if you ever say anything controversial. I think Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is proof that Friedman’s argument is deeply flawed. You can say stupid and controversial things, while still remaining viable as a public figure. However, if you repeatedly engage in the abject lunacy of somebody like Van Jones, Bill Ayers, or Reverend Wright, you should rightly be considered unqualified to hold a position of influence.

Friedman later commented that every modem should include a warning label that says, “judgment not included.” It’s a cute little jab at those who get the news from the net, but we would be better served if that label was placed on President Obama’s forehead, as well as members of the MSM who carry water for him. And by a happy coincidence…

judgment not included

There are legitimate critiques of news on the net, but the case of Van Jones is an example where the net got it right.

What Those Words Actually Mean

4 Sep

van jones

Recent controversy has surrounded President Obama’s Green Jobs adviser, Van Jones. As has been noted on other blogs and by Glenn Beck, Van Jones is a self described communist as well as a truther. Today, Stephen Gutowski posted the video (linked to the image above), which includes an assertion that minorities are criminalized by society and only white kids are involved in school shootings involving multiple victims. But the following part of the video that I’ve transcribed caught my eye.

We have got to look at this idea of criminality, of evil, of wrongdoing, of mistakes, as being a universal condition .. requiring a universally loving response and a universally embracing response.

What is implied in this statement is insidious at its core. He is attempting to trivialize the very real existence of those who perpetrate evil acts. By attempting to make these universal conditions, rather than results of choices, Van Jones is trying to make society the criminal & excusing the individual who is ultimately responsible. Not everyone from impoverished circumstances becomes a criminal. Not every angry white boy shoots up his school. Not every minority makes choices that put them in prison. We as individuals must accept that we are responsible for the choices we make and must accept responsibility that comes with that.

Van Jones is attempting to excuse individuals who make the wrong choices, but this mentality has proven devastating to many communities. Criminality, acts of evil, etc, are not universal conditions. They are the consequences of those who make poor decisions. It’s just one more reason why Van Jones does not belong in any president’s administration.

Too Precious

1 Sep

I’ve been deleted. Well, at least my comments were deleted. It all started when I followed a link on Twitter to John Scalzi’s blog. There I found a post dripping with a smug sense of superiority that was too hard to resist. I proceeded to criticize one of Mr. Scalzi’s responses to a commenter. I, of course, questioned his intelligence, because this is the most sensitive subject for most left leaning individuals.

John did not appreciate my comment and responded in predictable fashion. Because I had bruised his ego, he felt the need to react with a banal retort. The back and forth that commenced finally resulted in John deleting my comments. A man who boasts that his blog receives forty-five thousand visitors a day, felt the need to delete me. In the grand scheme I am nobody (I like it that way), which makes John’s actions all the more entertaining. Mr. Scalzi is not the first person I’ve messed with against my better judgment, but he may be one of the more well known.

Here is a screen shot for posterity.

Update: John explains..

It is true that I was a snide dick, but you can’t read the man’s post/comments and tell me he didn’t deserve a little bit of the mirror treatment. It’s not as if I went about bruising the ego of an otherwise thoughtful and respectful person. I kicked sand in the face of a bully who likes kicking sand around in his sandbox. If men like John don’t deserve a little rhetorical sand in their face, then who does?

How Politically Convenient

24 Aug

Today Attorney General Eric Holder announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the enhanced interrogation tactics utilized by the CIA during the presidency of George W. Bush. It’s little wonder that Brian Williams of NBC felt the need to describe it as an investigation into the Bush administration, because that’s likely the purpose considering the timing of this announcement.

With President Obama’s approval ratings plummeting, and facing strong opposition to significant pieces of his legislative agenda, it is all too tempting for the Obama team to revert to campaign mode. I believe that, by making George W. Bush the issue, the Obama team is attempting to recapture their overwhelming positive media coverage and excite the Democratic Party’s base. The Obama machine has proven to be as inept at governing as they were adept at campaigning. The only way they can regain their footing is to recapture the zero sum dynamic that worked to their benefit during the campaign. However, I believe this will be another significant miscalculation on the part of President Obama and his advisers.

The Obama team seems to believe that they can recapture their “mojo,” and stop their precipitous slide in the polls, by making life hard for their old whipping boy, Bush. But, as Ron Geraci noted on August 22nd’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, being President is not a zero sum game and you cannot win the support of the American people because the Republicans have a bad week. This reality appears to be lost on the Obama team, which is why they are continuing to operate as if this is a campaign they can win by making Bush the issue.

As much as the American people may dislike former president George W. Bush, they have finally come to realize that he is no longer the president. The blind affection that Obama was once accustomed to is no longer as universal as it was months ago. President Obama’s approval ratings have dropped significantly among Independents and it is unlikely that he will recapture that devotion by opening up old wounds. Perhaps, once this feeble attempt to distract from the monumental failure that is Obamacare falls flat, the Obama team will realize that the campaign is over.

Spin Doctors Political Redux

29 Jul

[click the above image to view video]

Said, one, two, candidates stand before you
(thats what I said, now)
Candidates, candidates who abhor you
(just go ahead, now)
One has pork in his pockets
(that sounds great, now)
This one, he wants to buy you rockets
(aint in his head, now)

Vote for him or vote for me,
Im the one that loves you voters cant you see?
Aint got no mistress or drug history,
But I know what a Commander and Chief ought to be,
I know what a Commander and Chief ought to be….